Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspired quote- why 'bats are not bugs'

Calvin is asked to do a report for class on bats... meanwhile a patient Hobbes tries to help as much as he can.

This cartoon inspired the name of my blog that tries to deal with some of the 'FACTS' that we all think we know about bats. Enjoy!

I have always loved this cartoon. It is above and beyond cute but also depicts in some ways how we all wish life would work... what we believe to be the nature of things is in actuality true. Here Calvin is sure he knows two things: 1. bats are bugs, and 2. school report in flashy clear plastic binder = A+!
While bats are mammals and not bugs (thus #1 is not true) I do wonder if the fact that all dissertations I know of are bound in a nice and neat book with parchment paper has something to do with #2.... So assuming you trust me and Calvin's teacher about #1 please give me your thoughts and feed back on #2...

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